Yr 2, Wk 6 - 11/01/12

Snoh 10K 2

I didn't mean to do it!

"Who does this?" I wondered to myself.

The question began running repeatedly through my mind last Saturday as soon as the alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. I continued to examine my sanity while the windshield wipers waved in front of my tired eyes as I made the nearly hour-long drive from my warm bed in Sammamish to the the windy and wet staging area of the Snohomish River Run in Everett. 

"Who in the world does this?" I thought.  "It's crazy!"

I arrived at the race site well before daybreak and impatiently waited my turn to show my ten dollar parking pass to the disgustingly cheerful and polite volunteer attendant. How does she get so chipper so early anyway?

Blue Sanicans
Wearing layers of crimson and gray - my Cougar Pride on display - I laced up my brand new Saucony walking shoes, pinned on the "bib" that identified me as entrant number 98, and followed the parade of weekend road warriors to the starting line. People were all lined up and ready to go. Really? Was I late? Oh, not at all. The lines were all those people who must have been up early enough to have a morning cup of coffee. The blue sanicans were getting busy!

snoho medal
It wasn't long before my cousins arrived to join me for the event. Beth, the dedicated and very healthy looking runner in the family, welcomed me with a hug and a smile. Beth amazes me with her energy and her ability to find an event to run or ride in nearly every week. It was Beth's Facebook post about the Snohomish River event that inspired me to register for this, my first ever 10K walk. 

After a short visit with Beth, four wonderful women who care more about conversation than competition, found me among the growing crowd. Cousins Sally, Debbie, Susan and Kay turned out to make the walk as well. If they gave an award for the walkers who smile most, I'm sure that these four would win it. 

With the wind beginning to blow and rain threatening, the event was about thirty minutes late getting started. Beth and the rest of the half-marathon runners were at the starting line first. When the horn sounded, they were off. Now it was time for the people running - and then those of us walking - the 10K to line up. It seemed a little late to back out now.

Snoho Run Stats
During the next hour and 24 minutes 59 seconds, I moved through the park, down the road, and along the riverbank. I walked and walked and walked and walked. And then, when I didn't expect it - when I was tired and looking forward to the finish - it happened. Without warning by body decided to run. 

No kidding! There I was, jogging and then running down the road and along the trail. It lasted for about a hundred yards at a time and it happened five different times. There was a point in the route when I ran by Sally and Susan who were walking toward me. A little later I jogged past Debbie and Sue. In both instances I thought they were going to go into shock. I'm pretty sure they had never seen a Brooks (especially me) run before. It's not what we're designed to do. I assure you, it wasn't my idea. 

Who does this anyway?
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Yr 2, Wk 6 - 11/01/12