Week 11 - 11/17/11

WOMMA Week Worries

When I packed for my trip to last weeks WOMMA Summit I was feeling nervous and worried. I knew I'd be spending five nights on the road - three in Las Vegas and two visiting my son's family in Utah. I wasn't worried about what to pack. I wasn't worried about the board meeting. I wasn't even worried about addressing the more than 500 Summit attendees that would be in attendance. No, I was worried about the food. I was very aware of the conference meals and snacks that would be served during the day and I knew all about the great restaurants that would be chosen for our dinners each evening.

But worry was no match for willpower. I'd been working on the healthy edge journey for two and a half months. I wasn't about to let a handful of nights away from home interupt 
Scale Vegas
the progress I've been making. I was careful at each meal, avoided the conference snack counters, kept a few pieces of fresh fruit handy in my suite, and even ordered a killer shrimp louis salad at one of the cities top steak restaurants.

Our hotel, The New Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, paid great attention to each and every detail. Among the little extras included in my room was a state of the art scale. Just what I needed to stay in touch with the goal. I weighed in each morning and the numbers continued to give me confidence and encouragement.

When I stepped on the scale on Thursday, my weekly weigh-in day, the reading was 293.6. Nearly two pounds less than the week before. So Vegas didn't break me. Neither did the weekend in Utah. Another challenge of journey has been faced and conquered. That feels good.

The next challenge will be faced on Thursday. Bring it on Thanksgiving. I'm ready for you!
Shrimp Louis

Special order salad

This is the amazing shrimp louis that I had for dinner at the Mix Restaurant inside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino.  It wasn't on the menu but I worked it out with the server and the chef. Loved every bite of it!

New weight as of November 17th - 293.6 lbs
Weight lost to date - 31.4 lbs
Your comments, suggestions, and stories of your personal edge are always welcome in my guest book.

Week 11 - 11/17/11