Grand reasons for fitness.

Jace and me 2

Happy birthday to me

It's the 61st celebration of the day I took my first breath. It's not a national holiday but it's always been a good day for me. This year won't be the exception either. 

Today I'm traveling on my birthday, in route to a conference in Chicago. The great part is that I planned the travel so that I'd be able to spend the weekend with my daughter and her family in New Mexico - giving me the chance to meet my newest grandchild Jason Gabriel Cunningham. Jace is 20 weeks old this weekend after being born almost three months premature. His little life got off to a rough start but he's showing us all that he's a strong willed fighter. He's growing stronger everyday and has a long life ahead of him.

Why am I telling you this? Because Jace is one of my seven "grand reasons" for committing to a life of improved health and fitness. When I started this portion of my blog in September of 2011 I had five grandchildren. I wanted to increase my chances of being available and in shape to enjoy them as they grow up. Since that time two more grandchildren have been added to the family. Two more great reasons for shedding some weight, walking more steps, and making better decisions about what and how much food I choose to eat.

This is my 61st birthday and little Jace has yet to celebrate his first. When I talked to him today I told him I planned to be there for his 18th and 21st birthdays. He gave me one of those baby smiles that makes your heart melt. Now I need to make sure that I am able to keep my promise to him.

April Goals

4000 flights
Exercise: 100,000 steps per week: Slipped. Still made goal. 112,444 steps last week
Weight: 270 pounds (or less): Made it! Friday morning weigh-in = 267.4
Weight: Record and track all food eaten: Back on track. Missed a meal or two.
Weight: Drink 32 oz of water per day: Nailed it again! Averaged 64 oz this wk.
Sleep: 6 hours 15 min per night: Really missed it big! Under 4 hrs on two nights.

Your comments, suggestions, and stories of your healthy edge are always welcome in my guest bookWhat's working for you?

April 27, 2014