Slowed down by a head cold. Ugghh!

cold medsIt's Sunday afternoon and little is going on that would make today anything less than a comfortable and relaxing day. I have my hot spiced tea to sip on while I relax on our backyard deck surrounded by tall fir trees and large flowering rhododendrons. To top it off, the sun is out, the sky is blue and the large puffy cumulus clouds are floating by. Not a care in the world. All I have to do is breath it all in and enjoy.

But there's the rub. I can't breath it all in. I've been struggling with a nasty head cold for four days that is just getting worse. I know I'm not alone and I realize that it's going to get better eventually. Seems like it happens every year. And I hate it.

Having a cold reduces me to an ineffective mess. It frustrates me that I'm walking around in an antihistamine induced fog unable to focus, move, or think straight. I'm already worried about how I'll deal with this during the work week and what if I can't go into the office. I don't want to give this to anyone else.

Yesterday, I pushed through the symptoms and went on a morning and evening walk. So far I haven't even done that today. I want to, but haven't quite found the energy and motivation to make it happen.

The only benefit of being under the weather is that it suppresses my appetite. I have to find a silver lining somewhere right? Maybe it will show up on the scale?

May Results

Exercise: 130,000 steps per week: Missed it due to head cold! 106,781 last week
Weight: 262.5 pounds (or less): Still want to be 250 by August 1. 263 yesterday 
Weight: Record and track all food eaten: Missed parts of two days this week.
Weight: Drink 50 oz of water per day: Missed it Only two days this week.
Sleep: 6 hours 15 min per night: My toughest goal. Missed. Met goal 3nights 

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May 18, 2014