Week 52 - 08/30/12

Weight Chart

Fifty-two weeks makes one year!

Wow! It doesn't seem possible that a full year has passed since that night when I was tired enough of the way that I looked and felt to make a public commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

It was a time when I changed the way I thought about what was really important. It was a time when I more fully considered the people that I wanted to spend a longer life with. It was the night that I truly realized that I was the only person who could make the  decision, create a plan, and implement the changes that would reshape my body and my life.

A year ago - 52 weeks - I took the first small step.  I committed to regaining my health. And despite some ups and downs, along with some long periods of frustrating plateaus, I managed to turn diets into "live its" and workouts into "fun outs." Somehow I knew that it was the right time to take the first step.  I'm so glad that I did.

I'd thought about what I might write in this blog when I reached the first anniversary of my commitment. I wanted to share the lessons I've learned, the frustrations I've overcome, and proudly list the accomplishments I've achieved.  But that's not the way it worked out... at least not yet.

I'm writing this entry twelve days later than it should have been written. My father-in-law passed away during week fifty-two and that created changes to our family routine that couldn't be avoided. I traveled to West Virginia the night that he passed and lost track of my exercise (although I found time to walk each day) and found myself eating more than a little of the comfort food that was brought by friends and family while I was there.

When I returned home from West Virginia I found that I had gained four pounds - a fact that I didn't want to admit to. Then, after just two days at home, Cindy and I traveled to New Mexico to celebrate the first birthday of our grandson Evan.  That trip, was followed by a three day trip with PEMCO executives to work on our strategic plan.  Back to back to back trips. Let's just say that all those road meals could have caused a set-back.

The good news is that I now have time to reflect on the past year and I'm looking forward to the year that lies ahead.  I'm going to take a couple weeks away from this blog in order to review the journey I've been on and consider new goals.

My overall goal was to weigh in at 225.  A total weight loss of 100 pounds. I didn't make it. 

Nor did I lose the 75 pounds in the first year like I'd hoped. But I did lose 64. And that's pretty darn good!

I now know that I've found an edge that I can live with and enjoy. I don't feel a need to adopt someone's design of an extreme diet or exercise routine.  I have friends that I can lean on and friends that prop me and propel be forward with encouragement. Fifty-two weeks later I feel confident, healthy, and proud.

I'm not done yet, but I'm on my way. And I can do it my way.

The second year is under way. Stay tuned and I'll resume these updates soon.
New weight as of August 30th- 261.0 lbs
Weight lost to date - 64.0 lbs
Weekly exercise: A LOT of brisk walking (Unfortunately, I wasn't where I normally log my minutes and don't recall the actual amount of time. But it was A LOT!)
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Week 52 - 08/30/12