Week 44 − 07/05/12

Buff and Hot

On Vacation! 

No... I haven't forgotten to report my progress. We're on vacation! And as you can see by the photograph, Cindy and I are doing just fine. It's almost like finding the fountain of youth in good old Lake Chelan. Don't we look great! (Putting that nipple ring in was more painful than I thought it would be though. Brought tears to my eyes!)

Seriously folks, I'm paying attention to what I eat and less attention to what I drink. I've been on hour-long walks almost daily and even went out twice one day. Still, vacation should be a time to relax and enjoy. So that's what I'm doing the most.

The scale that we have here in Chelan is a little "old school" and doesn't provide a digital display.  The best I can tell is that I'm somewhere around 260 and I'm going to write down 260.5 - just to be conservative.

We are going to be here for two more weeks so there won't much improvement in my updates during that time.  My goal is the same as it was when we went on our cruise in February... to be the same or lower weight a week after the vacation ends as I was when the vacation began. I'll let you know how it goes.

Now... It's time or a cold beer and then a cold swim in the fountain of youth!  Cheers!

New weight as of July 4th - 260.5 lbs
Weight lost to date - 64.5 lbs
Weekly exercise: 425 minutes of brisk walking 

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Week 44 − 07/05/12