November 29, 2014


As I look back now, I can see that by the end of my first month I was getting familiar and comfortable with the products I've been using. I had learned how and when to use them and I had gained an understanding that I wasn't on a diet. I was just putting world class nutritional products into my body for the very first time. And it felt great. 

 My only regret after my first full month was that I hadn't started working on sharing my discovery and telling my story to others a little sooner. Here are a few excerpts from my journal as I turned the corner into month two.

Day 26 - Wednesday, October 1: (259.6 lbs) The days are flowing by with ease now. I always have a shake in the morning, frequently with IsaGreens or IsaFruits added. If I'm not going out to a business lunch, I enjoy either a second shake or, more recently, I'll change it up with one of our IsaSoups. It really seems strange for me to think that two 8 ounce servings of a liquid shake or soup can get me through the day without feeling famished, but it does. I fill in the gaps with an IsaSnack, my vitamins, and an occasional slice of apple, pear or grapes. Then in the evening when Cindy and I enjoy our main meal, one serving is plenty. No seconds. And to top all the craziness off, I still haven't had a single cup of coffee since I started the program. Result? Down 20+ pounds in 26 days, better energy, fewer headaches, and a new interest in creating an amazing business. Thanks again Brenda.

Day 31 - Monday, October 6: Cindy and I traveled to WSU for Homecoming weekend, a visit with our twin daughters, and lots of celebrating. Translate that to more unplanned eating and drinking thanI had hoped. But boy did we have a great time!

Through it all we maintained our shake routine and did a lot of walking around campus. Still, when we returned home I had gained a few unwanted pounds. Never fear. I'm learning to get past the occasional misstep that comes with "diet thinking." Now I'm going more with the flow and renewing my commitment to healthy living and nutrition each day. It works! Cindy helped me with my end-of-month measurements last night and despite the few pounds gained over the weekend, the inches have been melting off. I've lost 1.5" off my waist, 2.75" off my abs, and a half-inch off my neck just to give you an idea. It's great being able to wear the pants that I put into the "way too small box" more than a few years ago.

Bonus: Several people have expressed an interest in learning more about the Isagenix program for their own use.

Day 34 - Thursday, October 9: Just spent three more days attending a conference in St. Louis. Hotels and dining on the road is probably my biggest challenge. I think if I didn't have that element in my role at PEMCO I'd have even better results with my commitment to nutrition. The good news is that where there's a will there's a way, and I managed to stick to my shakes and one healthy meal almost every day. I haven't been able to weigh in since I left home but I feel good and don't think I've gained much at all. Even better news is that the woman I traveled with asked me about the system I'm using. After telling Claudia my story she asked for more information and I'm hopeful that she will join my team in the coming week. Stay tuned.
My weight on Day 38, October 13, 2014 = 257.6 lbs.
(Lots of travel, restaurants, and adult beverages during the past two weeks and I still maintained my routine and dropped a few pounds.)
My weight on Day Day 85, November 29, 2014 = 242.6 lbs
(Thanksgiving and I not only maintained my weight but I actually dropped a couple pounds. Enrolled another four people after Thanksgiving dinner too!)

Your comments, suggestions, and stories of your healthy edge are always welcome in my guest bookHope to hear from you! 


November 29, 2014