Goals Make a difference!

Set GoalsThe Super Bowl was last week and I was a little distracted. I was visiting my son's family in Utah along with my son and grandson from Colorado. We had a blast... and we ate a lot of food. But you know that already from last weeks post.

What was missed last week was the reestablishment of monthly goals. I intend to do that at the beginning of each month. Goals, I have found, are very helpful for me - especially goals that keep momentum up, cause me to push myself a little extra, and still seem to be reasonably within reach. 

One of my FitBit friends challenged me to maintain an average of at least 100,000 steps per week. That took me out of my comfort zone because it requires me to walk an average of 14,286 steps per day. Up until that point my daily goal was 10,000 steps, which required at least one 30 minute walk or ellipitcal session per day. Now, with the added "pressure" to achieve 100,000 steps, I find myself looking for ways to get two 30 minute sessions in. 

By the way, last weeks big win in the Super Bowl led to a celebration parade that I chose to attend. Because I had the opportunity to attend the rally at the end of the parade, and because 700,000 other people were lining the parade route, I chose to walk from my office to the rally at CenturyLink field. It's quite a hike, but the roundtrip walk resulted in my largest step-count for a single day so far. I totaled about 21,000 steps that day. It certainly helped the weekly average!

So, back to the goals. My goals for February will be as follows:

February to goals.
Exercise: 13,000 steps per day (or more) - 
Exercise: Meet FitBit Challenge of 100,000 steps each week.
Weight: 285 pounds (or less) - 
Weight: Record and track all food eaten:
Weight: Drink 32 oz of water per day.
Sleep: 6 hours 15 min per night -
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February 9, 2014