Week 7 - 10/20/11

Butch and Rod at Homecoming 11

Homecoming 2011

Last weekend was WSU's annual homecoming celebration which also included a major event at the College of Education where PEMCO Insurance was presented the 2011 Education Advocate Award.

We had some great times on campus and especially enjoyed having time to spend with Abby and Amelia.

And as you might suspect, all those good times included plenty of opportunities to overeat. It seemed as if I had reverted to my old self. Even when I made smart meal choices the food portions were much too large. And I knew it.

At Gambino's, one of the restaurants where we had dinner, the back of the menu said it all. "The problem with eating at Gambino's is you're hungry again in three days."
When I returned home, I knew I'd overdone it. The numbers on the scale were almost five pounds higher than before we made the trip. So with four days left before weigh-in I recommitted myself and focused on quality, quantity, exercise, and hydration.

It worked.  And the week turned out to be a week of little change.  What it really was, was a great reminder of how important all aspects of the journey are and how easy it can be to slide in the wrong direction.
Hopefully, somewhere down the road, my waistline will look more like Butch's does.
Go Cougs!

New weight as of October 20 - 304.0
Weight lost to date - 21.0 lbs
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Week 7 - 10/20/11