The Quarter - Paying It Forward

Heads or tails? There's another option!

It could have been any day. There was nothing special about it. Nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, if it hadn’t been for the coin story I don’t know that I would have any memories of that day at all. But of course, it did happen. And I’ll never forget the story or the man who shared it. A few minutes in my boss’s office that day, some twenty-five years ago, provided me with a lesson. A lesson that became a memory, a guide, and an expectation for myself that shaped a major part of my career and a meaningful part of my life. I recently went to visit with the man and told him that I have shared the coin story with thousands of people that I know of. What I don’t know, is how many times the story has been retold or read. But I’m going to tell it again… right here.

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