Leading with Relationship

I had some good luck in 1999. The kind of luck that allows something good to happen for you when you don't see it for yourself. That was my situation when I was between between stops in my career path and happened to meet PEMCO Insurance. The then 50 year old company was looking for a Marketing Director and I was hoping to practice my interviewing skills. I was sure that I didn't want to work for a conservative insurance company, but they were opening their door to interview me and I knew I needed practice. (There will be more on that story at another time).
I ended up accepting the offer that PEMCO extended and have come to respect the unwavering commitment that has been made to doing the right thing for their customers. One of the often heard mantra's is that "there's no right way to do the wrong thing." The company's foundation was built on the importance of long term relationships and understanding that the promise you've made is more important than the promise you've yet to make. The market edge that PEMCO has is the edge created by the high level of importance that PEMCO employees place on serving customers in a way that will consistently exceed expectations. It's a great northwest brand serving great northwest people. In the 11 plus years that I've worked for the company there have been many changes and lots of improvements. Yet the core values of integrity, responsibility and courage remain the same. This is the page where I'll be sharing insights I've learned and edges that I've observed while spending time at PEMCO.

No clowning around!

Don't expect to get trade secrets or learn about forthcoming strategy.  I'm an officer of PEMCO and that would be frowned upon. These are my opinions and my opinions only.

We're A Lot Like You. 
A Little Different