PEMCO Gives You Goosebumps!

Oh yeah.  I remember now.

You know the people. Your friends and neighbors who like to say that they live on the coast when their home is actually 20 miles inland. The people who make the annual trips to the beach with an idea in their head that it is going to be sunny, warm, and a great day for kite flying and a picnic on a blanket.

"Pack up the kids honey. Let's spend the afternoon at the beach"

And off they go. Smiling. Singing. Anticipating all of natures glorious splendor - until they remember.  They live in Washington.

Where beaches are more rock than sand; breezes are gales force; and even the most self-respecting geoduck knows better than to stick their neck out during spring break.

And none of that matters. Because we are rugged northwesterners. We wear lumberjack plaid, drink from a mason jar, and cut our own firewood in order to cook our meals.  We don't need no stinkin' hoodie on the beach.

Yes friends... we are the Goosebumped Beach Bums.  Enjoy your picnic.


Goosebumped Beach Bum