Five traits that PEMCO has nailed!

One of the best ways to know that the company you work for understands their customers and the market is to hear other people say so. One of the friends that I've made in the last year recently wrote about her observations of PEMCO and the edge we've been able to create by listening to our members and demonstrating our awareness and ability to be hyper-local.
Secret Sauce Blog
Here are five things Catherine suggests that PEMCO has nailed...

1. Realized consumers don't want to talk about insurance.

2. Has courage to stick a memorable campaign.

3. Is committed to being led by the voice of the customer.

4. Has a most elegant and inspiring mission statement.

5. Supports and participates in the Northwest community in enthusiastic and fun ways.

"PEMCO get's it", she wrote

Thanks for your kind words Catherine. I love the sound of that!  Please check out the full post in Catherine's blog here at  - Secret Sauce Creative 

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