Up Close And Personal

You never know where you'll see the edge.

Like it says in the "fine print,” this is my personal blog. It only makes sense there would be a personal page. Am I right? If you aren’t interested in that sort of thing – you know, the thoughts and happenings that make up the personal side of a CMO’s life – then this would be a good page to skip.

By the way, it’s no accident that my blog, as well as my Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In accounts, are all hybrids of personal and professional entries . . . a decision I made after a lot of consideration. It’s how I live my life: open, confident, and in full view of anyone who wants to take a peek. Besides, I’m not one who keeps things neatly compartmentalized. It would be way to hard to keep personal and professional isolated and separate. When new employees go through orientation where I work, they’re told we want them to bring their “whole self” to work. I think it’s a great philosophy and one that I’ve chosen to live with both my online and offline life.

So this is the section where you will find the signs, symbols, words, and thoughts of people, places, and things I care most about. You’ll find stories of family traditions and values, along with accomplishments and disappointments, from the small town where I was raised to the cities of the world I have visited. I’ll share what I’m thinking, experiencing, enjoying and learning. If you know me, you know there will be thoughts, anecdotes, and plenty of pictures from our summers at Lake Chelan, and the visits with my grandchildren.

There will be lessons I’ve learned and of edges I’ve seen as a fanatically competitive sports fan. You’ll undoubtedly experience the unparalleled passion and edge of a Cougar alum, and the seasonal love affairs I have with the Seahawks, Sounders and Mariners – (I was jilted by the Sonics). I’ll share the edge that I get from the students I mentor, along with the edges that I’ve seen from those who have mentored me.

This will be the intersection of my personal, professional, public and private life. . . where it all comes together. A good place to look carefully in order to see the edge. Thanks for joining me.

Your comments, suggestions, and stories of your personal edge are always welcome in my guest book.