Flag Waving - Go Cougs!

WSU Joins Ranks of Super Bowl Advertisers

It's a bit of an unfair advantage being a WSU Coug. Everyone had the same chance to become one, but not everyone has the foresight and vision to see the edge that it provides.

One way it shows up is in an amazing loyalty and Cougar Pride. For over 100 consecutive weeks, Cougs from around the country have found just the right way and the best strategic location to display the country's most recognized logo on a flag facing the ESPN Game Day cameras.

Today that story made it to the Super Bowl.  How cool is that!  Go Cougs! 

We all know Bill Moos is a genius. Well, that genius just went to a whole new level today. Moos had hinted at a commercial running during Super Bowl XLV supporting WSU.

Well, here it is: