Work hard. Be true. Family first.

Steel toed work boots,
Catch in the yard,
Sunday pot roast and cribbage,
Pinnocle cards.

Well manicured lawns,
Trees pruned just his way
So proud of his garden
Pulled the weeds every day

Hand washed and waxed car
Greased boots and shined shoes
And if mom asked for his help
He would never refuse.

He used a vacuum and dust rag
Just as well as a wrench
He worked hard at home
And laying pipe in a trench.

When payday arrived
A white pad and pencil came out.
He listed which bills to pay
How to spread the cash out.

Flag pole in the front yard
But never to war
His wife and his family
Were who he lived for.

A welcoming man
His home was open to all
No complaints. No conflicts.
The house was never too small.

A beliver in God
But not a church going man
Respectful and honest
Golden Rule was his plan.

From dad I learned more
Than he ever knew
His values, work ethic
Love of family rang true.

Be the best you can be
Don’t cheat to win.
Focus on what’s important
Enjoy the moment your in.

So many more memories
Most of smiles – Some sad.
Of a man that I miss and honor
Of a man I call dad.

DadHappy Fathers Day!

My dad had a lot of experience being a dad.
After all, he had one, was one, and raised one.
I don’t know much about the one he had.
I know he was great at being one.
I now hope he raised one well enough that someday his grandkids will say the same thing about their dad.