Maybe Hallmark is onto something

A Clean Desk Reveals Special Memories.

I decided to clean off my desk this morning. Sometimes it gets so bad that I just have to stop and clear the clutter in order to move forward. The goal was to be able to see the wood surface and leather pad again. 

And so the process of sorting, filing, shredding and stacking began. As I was getting close to being finished I pulled a pile of papers from between the printer and a stack of books. And what I found in my hand made me pause. I read each carefully and smiled as I read them a second time.

I'd found a handful of greeting cards that have been sent to me by people who care about me. . . my wife, sisters, children, and grandchildren. To others they would simply be pieces of paper. To me, they are memories. Cards, some purchased and some handmade, that I received one at a time for various occasions. They were saved, but hadn't made it to that "special box" we probably all have someplace. My box goes back more than 30 years.

While my desk cleaning was interupted, I was smiling and remembering. I couldn't help but think I was seeing the edge. That very special edge that family provides to those who see it and accept it . . . unconditionally.