A five letter word

What’s a five letter word that adds meaning and value to your life? A word that provides an edge to those who have it? Some may think of POWER. Others might point to MONEY. On this Easter weekend the word that I think of is FAITH.

Abby and Amelia

Isn’t faith an interesting word?

Powerful: “Faith is like electricity. You can’t see it, but you can see the light that it creates”

Challenging: “Faith isn’t faith until it’s all you are holding onto”

Inspiring: “Faith is knowledge within the heart beyond the reach of proof”

Guiding: “Faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking”

To really understand faith you almost have to have faith. It’s a word whose meaning is central to every belief system. It’s at the core of what guides us – as if it were our compass. What direction does our faith provide? Faith in ourselves, our families, our society, culture, and yes, in that of a high power.

Tonight, as Easter is celebrated in much the same way that it has been for centuries, two special young women in my life are stepping forward to declare their faith. It’s something that they have been planning for, studying for, and making decisions about for months. That they came to this point in their lives in their own way, on their own schedule makes me very proud of both of them.

My stepdaughters, Abby and Amelia, have been part of my life for nearly a decade. I’ve watched them grow and mature into wonderful young adults. Tonight, their mother and I will join their sponsors and congregation as they are confirmed into the Catholic Church and receive their first Holy Communion. I know I will be very proud of them both.

Our household hasn’t been hugely religious over the years, certainly not in the same way that many families are. And still we have a strong faith in God and in His Word.

That I’m not Catholic myself is of little importance tonight. What is important is that I will be in our community Catholic church for midnight mass to celebrate and support the expression of faith that our girls are making. It’s a very special point in their lives.

In just a few weeks, Abby and Amelia will be graduating from high school and beginning their summer preparation for the next chapters in their lives. We know that part of that journey will move them to college and away from the protection of our family home. They are going to be just fine. I have faith in each of them.

Isn’t it great that they will have their faith to take with them as they set out to face the world!

Congratulations Abby and Amelia. May God watch over and bless you both.

Happy Easter everyone.

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