Grandpas (and Grandmas) Matter

Rod and Cindy with Evan
For as long as I can remember, especially growing up in Lake Stevens, I've recognized the importance of family connections and the edge it gives those who experience those relationships.

I grew up with more cousins than I could begin to count and, of course, cousins come with aunts, uncles, and all the rest.  I also grew up knowing what it was like to have a piece of the family missing.  By the time I was born both of my grandfathers had already passed away. I didn't have anyone to call grandpa. It was true on both sides of the family.

So life moved along and with it came the twists and turns among family members that sometimes pulled us in different directions. We were raising our own families, growing our careers, and forgetting - at times - the value of being connected. 

Now, my children are grown and out of the house. Three have started families of their own and have given me five wonderful grandchildren (so far).  All that separates me from them is time and distance. They live in Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. Cindy and I live in Washington.

So we hit the road whenever we can to make sure that our grandkids have all the grandparents they deserve to hug them, love them, spoil them, and help them learn about the family that came before them. To give them that edge.

Our most recent visit took us to Los Alamos, New Mexico where we met grandson Evan for the very first time. And on our way, we made a stop in Denver to celebrate Sawyer's very first birthday.  Life is good!


Sawyer's First Birthday from Rod Brooks on Vimeo.

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