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25 Random Truths About Being A W.S.U. Cougar

  1. Crimson pride lasts a lifetime and unless you were part of the experience you won't understand it and you will never "get it".
  2. Our logo is arguably the most recognizable college logo in the country. 
  3. Cougar Gold is incredible. The best cheese in the world.
  4. You learn quickly that you don't have to win the game to have fun. But we are "undefeated fans"!
  5. Just eight miles to Idaho. A meca for underclass men and women before the drinking age was raised from 19 to 21. Ratskeller's in Moscow was a place where you could get in a lot of fun or a lot of trouble. Too bad it's gone.
  6. The Coug (aka The Cougar Cottage) is a small place that will always hold some big memories. Glad it's still there.
  7. No other campus on the face of the planet has ice cream as good as the ice cream that comes from Ferdinands.
  8. You don't really know what real friendship is until you become a Coug who becomes friends with another Coug. There's no stronger bond.
  9. It's crimson and gray. NOT red and silver.
  10. After four years in Pullman, the color purple will make you want to vomit.
  11. AGR/Rod - MedGreek life was everything that I hoped for and expected and more. Thanks AGR!
  12. The AGR (Alpha Gamma Rho) barn dance week is totally amazing. Number one spring event on greek row. Ask anyone.
  13. "I need to go to the Bookie"... The campus book and supply store had just about everything that you needed.
  14. Who would have thought that so many outstanding bands and entertainers would find their way to Pullman. 
  15. Between 1971 and 1975 I was able to live for four years in a house with great guys, have all the food I needed, all the "adult beverages" I wanted, all the gas my car could use, a date every weekend, all the books and supplies that were required, pay for tuition - all for less than $2500 per year. Now those were the good old days.
  16. By the time you are a junior or senior you can't walk across campus without seeing several people you know and saying hi to several close friends. 
  17. Coug's know how to make their own fun. We have to.
  18. Where else is May 8th such a revered and acknowledged holiday? "Hoorah, Hooray. The Eighth of May..." (If you are a Coug, you know why).
  19. Campus is a long way from just about everybody's home. And when you get there, you are really happy to be there.
  20. Butch - SMButch is more than a mascot. Butch is a symbol of courage and pride.
  21. The Daily Evergreen, KUGR and KWSU - Like heaven for a Cougar communication major.
  22. It won't be long before you meet someone who really grew up on a ranch or a wheat farm.
  23. All the years of suffering and losses, even a season when you only win 1 league game, seem to disappear when you are dancing on a Husky flag after an Apple Cup win. 
  24. When you are there, the goal is to get out. When you are out, the goal is to get back.
  25. No matter where you are, how old you are, how long it's been since the days you were in college... When you see someone wearing the WSU logo and colors you say "Go Cougs" and they smile and say it back. Guaranteed.

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