To become good at anything requires practice.

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10 Key Observations

One of the tracks that I've focused my professional development on over the past few years has been social engagement and the use of social media tools.  Here are ten of the key observations and take-aways that I have had as a student practitioner. Some borrowed, some paid for: only a few are original.
  1. Never forget that you are a student in a movement that is gaining momentum. Only a few will be at the front of the movement.
  2. Involve yourself personally before involving your company or organization professionally.
  3. Be clear about your objectives, philosophy and plan before you act.
  4. Learn all you can. Teach what you've learned. Embrace enthusiasts. Share, don't control.
  5. Think before you tweet: "If it gives you pause, pause!"
  6. You can't be everywhere or do everything. Pick a few relevant places and engage in consistent, predictable ways.
  7. With regard to consistency and authenticity: "Faking either is easy. Faking both is nearly impossible. Don't fake either!"
  8. Four E's of social media: "Engage. Educate. Excite. Evangelize."
  9. Participation is the fifth P of marketing... So get in there!
  10. Play it S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T