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Marketing NW - When Less Is More

Publisher Larry Coffman wanted to introduce a column that would be a voice from the brand side of the marketing equation. He reached out to me for the "inaugural" and suggested that I write about advice I might have for people who have spent their careers inside agency walls. He said that it had been his experience that stories with numbers seemed to be most popular. Things like 5 ways to increase brand equity or 3 ways to grow brand awareness.

I started by making a list - thoughts that I have that might be worthy of sharing.  I hoped to think of 3-5 suggestions. I stopped writing when I got to point number 27. That's when I realized that all those years of experience may have provided an edge. An edge that required reflection, candor, and  courage to share. 

Here's my top five nuggets of advice to marketing, public relations, brand management and advertising agencies.  

What is the edge that you've  learned or develop that you would most want  to share?