November 20, 2014

Week 3 September 20 - 27: As I moved into week three of my new nutrition program I was feeling more and more confident with the routine and had less of a need to check the recommended schedule to remember what to use at specific times of the day. I was feeling more and more energized and was developing a real belief that the products were doing exactly what Brenda - my sponsor - suggested they would. I'll pick up the story with excerpts from my journal, beginning on day sixteen after returning from "Dad's Weekend" at WSU.
Day 16 - Sunday, September 21: The weekend went by without a hitch. Both days included two shakes and a reasonable meal and both days includedq over 14000 steps of walking. Exercise and Isagenix are becoming the new normal for me and I like the way it's going. It was a nice surprise to wake up feeling great and at another new low weight since starting the program. (264.4) 

DAY 19 - Wednesday, September 24: The last few days have been very good. I've experienced a continual weight loss and have noticed that I've had far less need for ibuprofen due to a significant reduction in the number of headaches I've been having. I went through my second two-day cleanse process yesterday and today. As was the case the first time, I didn't experience any hunger pangs or discomfort. I like doing it on work days because the time goes by more quickly. The only disappointment was in my personal planning. At the end of the day today I attended a celebration dinner for one of my PEMCO colleagues. I decided to eat with them instead of completing that last several hours of the cleanse. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. (260.2)

Day 21 - Friday, September 26: It's the end of week three and I'm already down 18.6 pounds! I've been back on my shake-day routine for two days after my second cleanse of the month. I'm not sure if it was the celebration dinner I went to on Wednesday night or if it's just a bounce back pattern, but I gained back a pound or two immediately after the cleanse. The good news, if it's a pattern, is that I also know it will be easy to drop back in just a few days. 

My cousin Debbie contacted me today and told me she was ready to enroll her her husband Joe. By the end of the day I had helped her to do just that. It was a great feeling to know that if I hadn't reached out to Debbie, neither she or Joe would be getting the benefits of Isagenix. It felt just as good to help Debbie enroll Joe as it did when I enrolled Deb. 

I also had a very promising first meeting with another of my friends. Mike was skeptical because of a disappointing experience he had previously with a well-know network marketing company. Never-the-less, he listened to my story and left asking if we could talk more about it next week. He seemed genuinely interested. (261.4)

My weight on Day 22, September 27, 2014 = 260.6 lbs.
(Fewer headaches than before I started the program and feeling healthy!)
My weight on Day Day 76, November 19, 2014 = 242.2 lbs
(I dipped below 240 for one day but had a little bounce back. No worries!)

Your comments, suggestions, and stories of your healthy edge are always welcome in my guest book. Hope to hear from you! 


November 20, 2014