Week 6 - 10/13/11

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A happy week six ends with worries about week seven!

Week six was not much different from the previous five. Unless, that is, those banquet lunches and dinner meetings count as different. I attended two such events last week and did my best to eat what they were serving in a way that didn't look overly picky but still allowed me to feel good about what wasn't going into my mouth.  

As it turned out, I was a little surprised that when I stepped on the scale Thursday morning (my official weigh in day) and continued the weekly trend of losing a little weight.  I cleared a nice milestone and have now lost just a little more than twenty pounds. My goal remains to lose twenty-five pounds by Thanksgiving.

This entry is short and simply records the progress of last week. As it turned out, my calendar didn't allow time to fill out the story and I don't like to dwell in the past. 

The current week has me worried.  I just returned from a Homecoming trip to WSU and it seems like every time I turned around I was at an event with deliciously heavy food.  I know I made some bad choices over the weekend. We'll see how that all works out on Thursday morning. 
New weight as of October 13 - 304.2
Weight lost to date - 20.8 lbs
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Week 6 - 10/13/11