Week 43 - 06/28/12

scaleFractions matter. Especially when they put you slightly ahead or behind the number you want to see on your scale.

This week's Thursday weigh in was one that I had been hoping to experience for more than a month. It seemed as if I was never going to beat the sixties. Each time I got close to breaking through to the fifties, something changed and I would bounce back up above target. 

So I'm happy to report that despite nearly a week of personal and business travel - something that I've learned isn't good for shedding pounds - I've finally broken through to the other side. I weighed exactly 259 pounds last Thursday. It felt so good to see those numbers. 

And why is that?

Why do I feel so much more satisfied when I weigh 259 instead of 260. Heck, I felt a lot better at 259.8 than I did at 260.2. It's clear that there is something in the way we think about the numbers that makes a difference. I'm no shrink, but that there is a psychology to healthy living isn't lost on me.

Maybe it's tied to what we know about retail pricing. Like when a gallon of gas is $3.99 9/10 instead of 4.00. Or when something is priced at $199.99 instead of $200.00. It just seems like a better deal. Even though it 's really no big deal at all. 

At least part of our success is in how we think about our outcome. What we pay, what we weigh, and how we face the challenges in our lives. To get your outcome right you have to get your mind right. 

So here I am on the south side of 260 and enjoying the moment. Never mind that my goal weight is still 35 pounds - no, make that 34 pounds - away.
New weight as of June 28th - 259 lbs
Weight lost to date - 66.0 lbs
Weekly exercise: 300 minutes of brisk walking and 100 minutes on the elliptical. 

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Week 43 - 06/28/12