It's about time!


Last week I was home alone while Cindy enjoyed a week of vacation with several of her siblings in Hawaii. While they were having fun in the sun, I was remembering what life was like when on your own. Little that was special or out of the ordinary occurred. Just back and forth to work. Made sure the dog was let in and out. Cook dinner, wash laundry, watch television, and have lots of time to think.

I thought about things like life after retirement (whenever that might be); about watching my grandchildren grow up; and about the people who have made a difference in my life (so, so many of them).

My thoughts reminded me that there’s still so much to do and enjoy in the years I have in front of me. So many things to experience for the first time and many to enjoy even better for a second, third, or fourth time.


People will say that life is all about the relationships we have and the experiences we have while we’re in them. Life is about the people. I can’t disagree. I’ll add, however, that life is also all about time. Our unit of measure that is in a continuum that man hasn’t found a way to alter. Time is constant. Just as is the case during my daily walks, we can alter our pace and we can adjust our place. How and where we use our time is up to us.

Last week reminded me that I want to optimize and extend my time. The reasons are my own and they are all about relationships. Investing in my health and fitness is up to me. I’m doing what I can to have more time for what’s important.

What are you doing to impact your time?


May Results

Exercise: 130,000 steps per week: Moving the goal up 30%! 133,926 last week!
Weight: 262.5 pounds (or less): Still want to be 250 by August 1. 266 yesterday 
Weight: Record and track all food eaten: The more I record the better I choose. Done!
Weight: Drink 50 oz of water per day: I can do this. Ave 59 oz. Hit 50 5 of 7 days!
Sleep: 6 hours 15 min per night: My toughest goal. Missed. Only 5.86 hr. Met goal 2x  

Please add your comments, suggestions, and stories of your healthy edge to my guest bookWhat's working for you? How are you using your time?

May 11, 2014