November 9, 2014

JFKWeek 2: September 13 - 19: It's been fun and helpful for me to look back at the early days of my journal since enrolling with the Isagenix team and products. In just two short months my experience and confidence is catching fire. The plan is working physically, socially, and even financially and I'm still just getting started. I'm very impressed.  Here's a look back at a few entries from my second week.

Day 11 - Tuesday, September 16: After making it easily through my first two cleanse days, I attended a special salmon barbeque with friends on Sunday. The was a lot of food and beverage and despite my efforts to resist temptation, I definately enjoyed more of both than I should have. The result was a temporary six-pound weight gain. Oh my goodness! It's good to remember that this is a forgiving plan I'm on.

Now, on Tuesday night, I'm happy to report that I'm very much back on track, have lost nearly all of the six pounds, and have enrolled my very first associate (in addition to Cindy). That's right! Last night I brought my cousin Debbie into the Isagenix family. I'm now officially an Isagenix consultant that is generating income. I feel more motivated than ever. It's funny how even a small reward can be so exciting. Far more important than the money is the feeling that comes from helping someone I care about get involved and excited too.

Day 12 - Wednesday, September, 17: I was able to get in two 30-45 minute walks today and listened to an informative phone team call during the second one. It was interesting to hear doctors talk about the toxins that have become prevalent in our diets and the value they see in the Isagenix system. Tomorrow I travel to Pullman for more of the banquet style meals that come with conferences. It's great to be mentally prepared for how to deal with them better.

I took my second set of measurements today and really like the progress. After 12 days. I'm down 14 pounds and about 5 inches. 

Day 14 - Friday, September 19: I just completed at two-day trip back to Pullman for the WSU Foundation annual meeting. Like so many trips of this type, the agenda is planned around banquet and buffet style meals. Situations like that make it difficult to adhere to the two-shake routine that I've been trying hard to adopt as part of my new nutritional program. To make matters more challenging, I also enjoyed taking my daughters, Abby and Amelia, out to dinner each night. Despite those challenges, Isagenix didn't let me down. I had my morning shakes, all of my planned vitamins and accelerators, and used the snack options that I planned ahead for. By walking to and from campus, drinking a lot of water, and eating wisely at meals, my two-day junket didn't hurt my progress. I arrived home just two-tenths of a pound heavier than when I left. Feeling very thankful for being led to Isagenix.

My weight on Day 14, September 12, 2014 = 266.0 lbs.
(Despite a party with friends and banquets during the week, I made progress)
My weight on Day 65, November 9, 2014 = 242.6 lbs
(As I head into month number three, I'm feeling great. Down 37.4 pounds!)

November 9, 2014