Week 39 - 05/31/12

Walk Week

The Seven Faces Of A Week Of Walks

We all know the two truths of shedding that unwanted extra weight... "Move more and eat less." Those that have tried to honor these truths over an extended period of time also know how difficult it is to abide by them. There must be something about us that compels us to do just the opposite... "Move less and eat more."

Over the past nine months I've focused on eating smarter and putting a "live it" into my life instead of a "die it." After all, who wants to commit to something that has the word die in it anyway. My process has been reasonably good by avoiding fast food franchises, eating smaller portions, eating slower on a more balanced schedule, and by increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables that I consume.

So how about the first rule? The one that says we should move more. That's the one that seem to struggle with. So this week, in week 39, I decided to make a seven day commitment. I pledged to go on a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes each and every day. It wouldn't matter where I was, what the weather was like, or what else was going on. One way or another I would get outside and walk.

Not only did I honor my self-imposed commitment, but the more I walked the more I found myself looking forward to it. I walked in parks and along the lake shore. I saw wildlife including, deer, rabbits, hawks, and marmots. I listened to music - old favorites and new artists - while reflecting on the geography, geology, and history of the ground I was passing over. So much benefit from the simple act of repeatedly putting one foot in front of the other.

When the week was over I had walked for 455 minutes. No kidding! That's nearly an eight-hour work day. And it paid off.  I dropped another 1.2 pounds and find myself at an all new low. Maybe I've finally beaten that plateau too!
New weight as of May 31st - 262.0 lbs
Weight lost to date -  63.0 lbs
Weekly exercise: 455 minutes (Wow... That's over 7 1/2 hours) of brisk walking. 

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Week 39 - 05/31/12