Attitude. Commitment. Choices.

Daily ChoicesIt's already two days into the second half of February. Time has a way of flying by, especially when your life is full and our days are productive and enjoyable. I hope that's how your days feel to you. 

Despite the concerns and challenges that life has thrown my way, I realize how fortunate I've been by comparison to so many others. When I reflect on what has made that the case, I can't help but think that part of the answer revolves around attitude, commitment, and choices. I try to be a person who looks at the glass as half full as opposed to half empty. I try to make sure that I consistent "go to fun" instead of going to work. And I try to remember to smile.

Sometimes the smile and the attitude aren't easy to deliver in the most positive way. I try to make those times the exceptions to the rule.

When I think about regaining a healthy edge in life, I remember that the same principles apply: attitude, commitment, and choices. I'm in charge of all three. I decide how I will approach each day, how committed I am to fitness, and the decisions I make about what and how much to eat. Sometimes it isn't easy. There are days when I consider whether or not to push myself into the fitness center or outside to walk. Either way, I'm in charge of the decision and I'm the one that enjoys or suffers from the consequences. 

February is more than half over and I'm happy with the choices I've made so far. What choices are you making?

Smile moment: A friend has lost more than 20 pounds and he says it's all about making choices. One of his choices was to give up desert in favor of martinis. I like the way he thinks! Make mine a Hendricks. Up. With 3 olives. Hold the chocolate cake!
step chart

February to goals.
Exercise: 13,000 steps per day (or more) - Looking Good.! More than 13,500 daily.
Exercise: Meet FitBit Challenge of 100,000 steps each week. = 109,348 steps last week
Weight: 285 pounds (or less) - On track. About 285.5 with two weeks to go!
Weight: Record and track all food eaten: About 90% last week. Missed a few meals.
Weight: Drink 32 oz of water per day: Need help on this one. Ave = about 20oz
Sleep: 6 hours 15 min per night - Oops! Only met this goal 3 out of 7 nights last wk.

Your comments, suggestions, and stories of your healthy edge are always welcome in my guest book

February 16, 2014