December 21, 2014

Dad's Wknd 2014A very special trip and reason to enjoy one of life's memorable moments took place as the second month of my IsaJourney was coming to an end. My daughters, Abby and Amelia, are seniors at WSU. We're Cougs and it was time to act like Cougs act. The fourth and final "Dad's Weekend" had arrived and I made the trip to Pullman to enjoy it with them. It would be the last one of their college careers and the concluding one for me as well. I knew before I ever left home that this wasn't going to be an ideal IsaWeekend. I'm so glad that I'm not on a strict diet. Instead, I'm using a nutritional system that fits within my life. And it continues to work!

Dad's sayingDay 50 - October 25th: Oh my gosh! It's Dad's Weekend at WSU and I'm here to celebrate our fourth one with Abby and Amelia. Last night was crazy fun and very out of control. We had a great dinner, cocktails, went to Zeppo's card room, headed to The Coug and several pitchers of beer, and then closed down Valhala after partying, dancing, and way to many double Fireballs. I put myself to bed a little after 3:00 a.m. and woke up looking for Ibuprofen. By 11:30 this morning we all gathered at Abby's house (The Litterbox) and started all over again. Beer, shots, tailgating and a football game. But I also had my two shakes, my vitamins and tried to start winding it down. I might not like what I see on the scale tomorrow, but I'm going to love the memories and stories that will live on after the weekend with the girls is over. Go Cougs!

Day 52 - October 27th: (255.0) Monday morning came and it was time to weigh in after a very full "Dad's Weekend" in Pullman with the girls. I gained three pounds and I'm back in the middle of the 250's again. The good news is that I start a 2-day cleanse today. Those pounds just might melt off quickly this time.

Day 54 - October 29th: (246.8) The 2-day cleanse worked its magic and it's hard to believe my eyes when looking at the scale. After the first day I was back down to 250.2 and by this morning I was far below my initial 250 pound goal. At this morning's weight I'm now at the lowest point in years. Feeling proud!

This was the best cleanse that I've had yet. I followed all of the recommended steps throughout the day as perfectly as my schedule would allow and only had a third of an apple each evening as an "add-on." I know that there will be a few pounds of bounce back if history repeats itself but I'm okay with that. I don't think I'll see 250+ again. Maybe ever! WOOHOO! Time to set my next goal.

Day 55 - October 30: (249.8) Turned on my Fitbit this morning and inserted my new weight. Then I went back to the dashboard and was surprised and delighted by what I saw on the screen WOOHOO - Goal Achieved! Thanks Fitbit for giving me something to smile about and for acknowledging my success. I've lost 54 pounds since Christmas of 2013 and surpassed my goal.

Day 56 - October 31: (249.2) As expected, the two days after my IsaCleanse had some bounce back weight included in them. I think it's inevitable and I've learned not to let it bother me. The great news is that I remain below the weight that I was at when the cleanse started and I'm beginning the phase of the journey that will take me through the 240's. I'm already at a weight that I haven't seen for a long time and I'm looking forward to realizing what I'll feel like at my next goal level... 225.

Go Cougs!
My weight on Day 56, October 31, 2014 = 249.2 lbs.
(It's neither a trick or a treat! On Halloween I didn't crave sugar and had only a couple pieces of candy. That's big for me!)
My weight on Day 197, December 21, 2014 = 236.4 lbs
(Even though my weight has hovered around the same weight this month, my body looks and feels smaller. Does that make sense?!)

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December 21, 2014