Week 36 - 05/10/12

I'm Sorry!

I owe us both an apology... You and me. 

Two weeks have passed since my last update. That disappoints me because part of my commitment is to share my progress with you on a weekly basis. I'm convinced that holding myself accountable to that schedule of reporting is part of what keeps me moving in the right direction. Time to get back on schedule.
Plateau Cartoon
Another big disappointment is the six week plateau that I've been on.  Since the beginning of April I've been in a five pound plateau zone that ranged from 264 to 269 pounds. I've definitely lost my momentum.

Excuses or Reasons

Frankly, it doesn't matter too much whether the plateau is built on reasons or excuses. Either way, I need to hold myself accountable for what and how much food goes in my mouth, the amount of exercise I do, and the type of beverages I enjoy. It all sort of boils down to eat less and move more.

Breakfast Sundae
After my first "plateau post" two weeks ago, a friend shared some information that she learned from Dr. Oz. He suggests three surprising ways to break through a weight-loss plateau. No more excuses... I'm going to give them a try.  Stay tuned for an update on how it all works out.

By the way, tip number one is to start the day with a breakfast sundae. How cool is that!

New weight as of May 10th - 267.4 lbs
Weight lost to date -  57.6 lbs
Weekly exercise: No report. Not because I didn't walk, I did, I just failed to record the time.

Your comments, suggestions, and stories of your personal edge are always welcome in my guest book.

Week 36 - 05/10/12