Week 51 - 08/23/12

A shirt tag - large

Yep... Size matters!

I almost made it a full year without apologizing or feeling guilty for an omitted or tardy post. Writing about each week of my journey has been an important part of what has helped me stay accountable and focused. This is the first time in a year that I find myself writing about something that happened almost two weeks after the fact. So why not just skip it like I've done on a few other occasions? Well, I remember it distinctly and it's worth reporting on.

You see in week fifty-one something happened that hadn't happened in any of the other weeks. Can you guess? Hint: It had more to do with size than it had to do with weight.

This week, there was a morning when I was getting ready for work and I reached into my closet for one of the many shirts that display a PEMCO Insurance logo. I knew the weather was going to be unusually hot that day so I was looking for one that was lightweight and comfortable when I spotted a favorite short sleeve polo shirt toward the back of the closet. I'd forgotten all about the shirts we had purchased of this style as it had been at least two years since I was able to fit into them. I wonder what size it is, I thought to myself. And of course, it had to be a large. No wonder it looked brand new. I probably have never even worn it.

Before putting it back on the rack, I held it up and took a better look at it and decided that it might be interesting to see just how tight it would be if I tried to stretch it out and pull it over my head. And that's just what I did.

To my surprise, the shirt slid comfortably down over my head and shoulders without any difficulty. But the big test was still ahead... my chest and belly. Would it make it?  YES!

I would never have bet on it but it actually fit. And I didn't look like a shrink wrapped whale. I must admit that I felt a little extra proud that day.

At the beginning of the journey, fifty-one weeks ago, a few of the shirts I wore to work were size 3X and all the rest were 2X. Now, I can wear almost any XL in my closet and at least one L. If there is a person somewhere in the world that put the wrong label into the collar of that particular shirt, they are my new best friend!

For weeks my weight hasn't been changing and I have been frustrated. In week fifty-one that all went away. Size matters -and I'm going to "L".

And now you know why I couldn't simply skip week fifty-one. It was one of the weeks I want to remember,
New weight as of August 23rd - 257.0 lbs
Weight lost to date - 68.0 lbs
Weekly exercise: 383 minutes of brisk walking 2.5 hours of golf, and 30 min of SUP (Paddle Boarding)
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Week 51 - 08/23/12