A weight-loss year in review.

Happy New Year!

It's been a full year since I recommitted publicly to living life with an increased focus on health and fitness. It's been a year of challenges and setbacks, discoveries and successes. I've counted millions of steps, barrels of drinking water, hours of sleep, and recorded the numerous ups and downs that come with daily weigh-ins. 

The beginning
And while the year has been remarkable, it's actually been over three years since I initially began the journey. In fact, my first commitment began with this post in September of 2011 when I was at an all time low - because of an all time high. On Christmas my nephew asked me how much I weighed when I was the heaviest. I responded with a little uncertainty by saying that I might have weighed more when I wasn't paying attention, but on that day in September I knew I was an uncomfortable, depressing, and embarrassed 325 pounds. That was the day I made a decision that I could do and be better. That was the day that I decided not to give up.

After two-plus years and some significant accomplishments, I found myself back above 300 pounds yet again. Despite the attention I'd given to what and how much I was eating, and regardless of the many days of long walks and my repeated sessions on the elliptical trainer, I hadn't been able to maintain my weight at the new lows that I'd achieved. I was disappointed but not defeated. I was ready to recommit and refocus. After reviewing my journal and finding the things that had worked best for me, I began again.

The tools and behaviors that I carried forward from 2013 to the new year were daily walks for cardio and my weekly blog posts for public accountability. I remained conscious of my commitment to eating smaller portions and healthier foods and I recorded my weight on a near daily basis. What was new this year was the addition of two new tools: a Fitbit wrist bracelet which counted my steps, stairs, sleep, and hydration; and a Facebook community ("We're All In") that I created for friends and family to share their stories of motivation and inspiration.
chart 2014 wt


Chart: My three phases of 2014 fitness: 1) The new Fitbit phase - move more, eat smarter, 2) Summer - Lot's of steps but more grilled food and adult beverages (oops), and 3) keep on walking plus a well-formulated nutrition system that really works.


As summer turned to fall in early September, a /new discovery was added to my toolkit that has made all the difference. That was when Cindy and I took the step to experience a nutrition system that had been shared with us by my friend Brenda. The system we chose included protein shakes as meal replacements, an easy regimen of essential vitamins and supplements, and a variety of healthy snacks, all of which complimented our primary meal of the day. The results have been so noticeable and impressive for both of us that more than a dozen of our family members and friends have enquired about our "secret" and then became users of the products themselves. I'm thrilled to report that they too are experiencing some life changing results. I feel like I've really made a difference in their lives.

Cindy hikeMost important of the results for those who joined me, is the transformation experiecnced by my my wife Cindy. Her weight is down, her energy is up, and her cronic aches and pains have disappeared. Put it all together and she's a happier, healthier partner who is experiencing life in a new way. She's gone from struggling to walk around the neighborhood with me (just a few blocks) to taking five-mile hikes and bike rides. The best example has to be the hike she and I made to the top of Pinnacle Peak in Arizona. While we haven't completed the journey, for a day we were literally at the pinnacle of success together.

If you or someone you care about would like to join me, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'd love to pay it forward in a way that will work in your lives. It's truely an awesome experience to share.
My weight on Day 1, December 25, 2013 = 304 lbs.
(My yo-yo weight loss effort had made progress but also had several significnat setbacks. I made a recommitment on Christas Day. Thanks for the Fitbit honey)
My weight on Day 365, December 24, 2014 = 239 lbs
(Loving the progress and looking ahead to more of the same. I've released 65 unwanted bounds in the past twelve months!)

Your comments, suggestions, and stories of your healthy edge are always welcome in my guest bookHope to hear from you! 


December 29, 2014