Week 28 - 03/15/12

Time to renew my focus!

The semi-anual ritual of changing the hands on our clocks took place last Sunday morning and I didn't see it coming. As a result it hit me like a ton of bricks this year. I think I finally recovered sometime this morning - a full week later. I recall thinking about heading up to the room with our elipical trainer at least four or five times last week. Unfortunately, thinking was about all I could muster before a succession of yawns overruled the good intentions.

Spring Forward, Fall Back
When I was young, we were taught the phrase, "Spring forward. Fall back," in order to help us remember what to do with the hands of the clock on those two special nights of the year. The phrase still works for me, although the idea of adjusting the clock seems a lot less relevant.

As I think about adjusting the clock, it makes me think about the way I view our scales too. There are days when my weight springs forward and others when I fall back. On the favorable days I take the scales word for it on the first try. On those less positive days I give the scale three or four chances to get it right. And we all know what matters most... It's not what the scales says, it's what we tell ourselves when it's time to make decisions about the food we choose to eat and the exercise we do.

Some weeks I make better decisions than others. The scale just reports the results.
New weight as of March 15th - 268.4 lbs
Weight lost to date -  56.6 lbs
Weekly exercise: I only woke up enough for 30 minutes on the eliptical this week. Ugh!

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Week 28 - 03/15/12