Yr 2, Wk 4 - 10/18/12

Seahawk WkndReady Ready For Some Football!

Last week was one of those rare times when all the stars seem to be aligned for good things to happen and memories to be made. It was all about the weekend. Three days that had been planned and kept secret for several months. It was a weekend when, for the first time for our family, three generations of Seattle Seahawk fans went to watch a game together. It was special from beginning to end.

Seahawk three gen

It all began with a plan that was created early in the summer. My son Ryan and I selected the perfect game for he and my grandson Easton to attend with me in Seattle. They would fly in from their home in Utah for a rare game against the New England Patriots. We later found out that we would be seeing the great Tom Brady throw his first ever pass in Seattle. Just one of many firsts that we would experience that day.

Over many weeks the plan came together. A friend within the Seahawk organization was able to help me exchange my usual season tickets for four club seats that made it possible for Easton's Uncle Eric to join us. We were also provided with some extraordinary passes that got us down on the field for a very special experience before the game began.

On Friday morning, Easton was given the news for the first time. His two younger sisters, Addie and Liya, announced that he was going to go see the Seahawks. Easton was stunned, confused, and thrilled.

Within hours of hearing the news he and his dad were on a northbound jet to Seattle. Upon their arrival I picked them up and headed to the Seahawk team store to pick out a new hat and a mask of his favorite player, Marshawn Lynch. From there, we hurried home to drop off their baggage before meeting Grandma Cindy for dinner at our local Red Robin restaurant. I had my first gourmet hamburger in nearly a year. A weekend of carefree fun and food had begun.

Easton at Changs

Saturday included a trip to the Pike Place Market, a few hours at Game Works, dinner at P.F. Changs, and a movie (complete with buttered popcorn) at Lincoln Center Cinemas. We did some walking between venues in Seattle, but not nearly enough to compensate for the variety of our dining experiences. It wasn't a weekend to count calories... I was too busy counting Easton's many smiles.

Finally game day arrived. Our Seahawks Sunday began with a midmorning brunch at the comfortable Boka Restaurant near Pioneer Square in Seattle. I had the deluxe breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs and bacon. I also managed to enjoy a few sample bites of Ryan's "to die for" cinnamon french toast. When we were fueled for the day we made the 15 minute walk to the stadium giving Easton his first opportunity to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of Seahawk football and CenturyLink Staduum. It got even better when we entered the giant tailgate party within the Seahawk Exhibition Center. It was a nine-year-old boy's best dream. Easton threw footballs to targets, ran pass routes, and pushed through tackling dummies. He even beat his dad through an obstacle course. All that before getting our Supercharged Seahawk Fan photo taken at the PEMCO events van. All that and the game hadn't even begun. How much better could it get? A lot better.

We had our tickets scanned as we left the exhibition hall and entered the stadium concourse. I pointed to a small door and suggested that we might find restrooms on the other side. An usher saw our field passes and without spoiling the surprise opened the door for Easton. It was awesome. We entered a small lounge where snacks were plentiful and available for the taking. The lounge opened to the field. Before he knew what happened, Easton, Eric, Ryan and I were standing on the synthetic turf on the sidelines of of the field. 

Seahawks TezPlayers were warming up, announcers were visiting, and photographers were getting set for pregame photo opportunities. Before long, Hall of Fame Seahawk, Cortez Kennedy, strolled by. His jersey was being retired at half time, and yes, he granted us the opportunity to take his picture with Easton. Ryan, who grew up watching Tez terrorize opposing quarterbacks, was proud and a little jealous.

As the day rolled on the battle on the field took center stage. Our seats were outstanding and we saw an amazing football game – one that ended with Seattle coming from behind and winning by one point in the closing minutes. The sound of the crowd was deafening, but I didn’t need to hear a word. The smile on a nine year olds face sent the only message that mattered.

After walking from the stadium back to our car there was one last surprise in store for Easton. When he was in his seat and buckled in his dad and I handed him a bag with a gift inside. It was an official NFL football autographed by Easton’s favorite Seahawk – number 24, Marshawn Lynch. Something that will be treasured as a reminder of his first ever NFL experience. It was a weekend for making a memory.


Next week, I’ll have to make up for all that food and get back to my “healthy edge."


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Yr 2, Wk 4 - 10/18/12