Yr 2, Wk 1 - 09/27/12

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Let The Healthy Journey Continue!

It's time to refocus and raise the bar for year two the healthy edge that I've been trying to add to my life. If you've joined me on the journey - and I'm aware of several of you who have - I hope that you will make your own recommitment when the time is right for you. If there's one thing that I've learned from the efforts of year one, it's that the effort that gets put into the result is in direct proportion to the desire that I have to achieve the goal. In other words, I won't diet, workout, or make healthy choices because someone else wants me to. I suspect it's true of most people that we have to want to do it for ourselves.

And I do want it!

After 52 weeks I paused for about a month for a period of reflection and recommitment. I didn't go on an eating binge and I didn't stop the more frequent walks that have become part of my routine. I just stopped reporting on exercise activity and weight change. During that time I thought about the distance I've covered and the gap that remains between where I'm at and the goals that I've set. I'm not done yet. In fact, I don't really want to know where the finish line is. My expectations are for the new habits that I've been developing to be sustainable deep into my life. I'm hoping that is still a long way off.

A lot has changed since that first public commitment in September, 2011.
  • I've had another birthday (59 now) and that's two more birthdays than my mother enjoyed. She died of a heart condition at 57 years old. An age that seems even younger to me now.
  • My youngest grandchild, Evan, has celebrated his first birthday and I was there. It's increasingly important to me that I am healthy enough to enjoy many such celebrations with each of my five wonderful grandchildren. 
  • And, by the way, grandchild number six will be arriving in Colorado next March. Sawyer is going to be a big brother.
  • My wonderful wife and best friend Cindy, was told she had cancer twice during the year - first breast cancer and then non-hodgkin lymphoma. She's gone through so much and the least I can do for her is to be healthy enough to support her. We want to grow old together.
  • I attended my 40th high-school reunion and was embarrassed to be so overweight and out of shape. I've reconnected with a large group of friends, many of which continue to offer encouraging support.
  • I no longer have a hard time finding a store that sells a belt in my size. Instead I have several belts in my closet that are getting way too big.
  • Not only can I bend over and tie my shoes without getting short of breath, but after I have them tied I can walk for 60 - 90 minutes without getting winded.
  • When I started the journey I weighed 325 lbs and the waist size of most my pants was 50-inches. Today, I weight 258 and pants with a 42-inch waist feel a tad bit too big.
  • A year ago I was ashamed of how I looked and was almost resigned to allowing my condition to be the way it would always be. Today, I'm proud of the accomplishments I've made, the compliments I receive, and I'm committed to continuing to be in charge of my health and fitness and to achieving the goals that I've set.
My goals still seem lofty and I'm certain that the distance that I've covered is likely be the easiest part of the journey. But I'll get there. And I'll keep you informed along the way.

Goals to accomplish within the next 52 weeks:

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Weight: 225 lbs and Waist: 38"
Fitness: Walk a 5K, 10K, and Half-Marathon 
Total Cholesterol: Under 200
LDL (Bad) Cholesterol: Under 100
Blood Pressure: 119/79 or below
BMI (Body Mass Index): Under 22.5

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Yr 2, Wk 1 - 09/27/12