Yr 2, Wk 3 - 10/11/12

Theresa Wed Party

You can't skip desert at a wedding.

There are certain times in a string of weeks when an effort to keep my weight in check doesn't have a chance. The good news is that I'm starting to recognize the situations that occur in those weeks before they happen. The bad news is that sometimes recognizing them in advance isn't enough.

Last week was one of those weeks. Cindy and I attended an autumn wedding that lasted for a full weekend at the beautiful Sunriver Resort near Bend, Oregon. To make it even more of a challenge, the wedding was that of my niece Theresa Pompili and her fiancé, Peter Sabido. I can't speak for the Sabido's, but one thing I've learned over the last decade is that a Pompili family event is an event that features food... delicious, rich, and plentiful food. A combination that can be too much for even the most strong willed dieters.

Pompili CakeThis would be no exception.

I'll spare you the heavy details, except to say that our weekend began with a full blown banquet-style rehearsal dinner on Friday night and concluded with an even bigger spread during the reception on Saturday. The coctails, beer and wine supplemented the meals, and even they were topped by the richness of the wedding cake that was served.

And I was a participant in all of it.

My effort went into the anecdote... walking each morning and dancing durning the reception. The walks were cold and scenic. The dancing was hot and nothing you'd want to look at. Between the food and the exercise, the food won.

But that's why I call it a "live it" - for the times when "life happens!"
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Yr 2, Wk 3 - 10/11/12