Week 31 - 04/05/12

Don't drink your calories!

pepsi and coke
In week 27 of my healthy edge journey I listed a handful of things that I've done to change habits and behaviors. The first one on the list was that I no longer participate in America's fascination and dependence on fast food restaurants. I'm sorry McDonalds, Arby's, Wendy's, Papa John's, and all the rest. I just don't visit you any more. And I seriously doubt that you've noticed. (Not one of you have called to invite me over for dinner).

During the past week I realized that there are other old habits that I have apparently broken. At the very least, I've made a big change in my pattern of use. When I open the refrigerator in the executive kitchenette at PEMCO, I still see shelves of old favorites - soft drinks, juices, and vitamin water. But I no longer reach for one of them... not even the diet version. No Soda

"Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center found that every can or bottle of soft drink a person drinks each day increases their risk of being overweight by 41 percent." 
Epilepsy Association of Central Florida

To the best of my memory I haven't had a can of "pop" for six or seven months. I stopped drinking the vitamin water a few months ago when a colleague showed me that a 20 ounce bottle contained 120 calories. That wouldn't have bothered me in the least before I committed to releasing my excess fat and weight. Now when I open the refrigerator door it's to pour a glass of filtered water over the ice cubes in my cup. Being focused on a goal can definitely alter the way we view things and the choices we make.

My wife reinforces my new behavior with a simple mantra that I try to follow... 
"Don't drink your calories!" 

It works... at least until I have a glass of wine. A guy wouldn't want to go over board you know!
New weight as of April 5th - 264.0 lbs
Weight lost to date -  61.0 lbs
Weekly exercise: Elliptical Trainer 139 minutes and Brisk Walking 45 minutes. Now that's a little better!

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Week 31 - 04/05/12