Week 34 - 04/26/12

Even ups and downs are more exciting than the dreaded plateau.

April wasn’t a particularly good month. At least not measured by weight release. In fact, it was as if April didn’t exist at all.

Roller Coaster

I knew that it was coming. I’ve made this trip once or twice and have seen it all before. I’ve been up and down more times than the lead car on a roller-coaster. And as much as I dislike the way the peaks and valleys make me feel at times, it’s the dreaded plateau that I like least of all.

I began the month on April Fools day at 267 pounds. That was a slight up-tick from the low point in March (265) but I was coming off a 7.2 pound loss for the month and had momentum on my side. My goals were to reach 260 by the end of April and 250 by the first of July. All I had to do was stay off of the plateau and keep moving in the right direction.

But the scale doesn’t lie. I record my weight on a calendar in our bathroom nearly every day. It's easy to see the results. I arrived on the plateau in April and couldn’t find my way off. I ended the month two-tenths of a pound heavier than I started it… 267.4 pounds.

So how will I move into May? The good news is that my weight didn’t increase and my waist is down another half-inch. My exercise is getting more consistent and more people are “seeing less” of me and it’s reflected in their kind words.

I’m recommitting to the journey… a commitment that I didn’t knowingly set aside. As I look at my month, I consider the fight that Cindy is making against cancer and I realize that my diet and habits were affected as much as my emotions. In retrospect I feel fortunate that I’ve been able to hold my own.

Now… let’s get things moving again!

New weight as of April 26th - 265.6 lbs
Weight lost to date -  59.4 lbs
Weekly exercise: Brisk Walking 185 minutes.

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Week 34 - 04/26/12