Week 3 - 09/22/11


Cousins, Classmates, and Colleagues = Calories

Sharing my intentions to lose weight and get healthier was met with such an outpouring of support by online and offline friends that I knew it was going to be a commitment that I would be held to. Thank goodness! After all, that was one of the reasons for going public with my intentions in the first place. 

When you write down your goals they become real.  When you tell someone your goals they become commitments. And when you post your goals on internet platforms like Facebook and Twitter they become something you will be held accountable for by hundreds of people who have your back. 

It has been twelve days since my last post. During that time span I have attended a family reunion (featuring a potluck meal prepared by some of the best cooks in a family of great cooks); my fortieth high school reunion (highlighted by an incredible catered dinner featuring some VERY tasty choices); and a WOMMA board dinner at the top of Seattle's tallest building (featuring an amazing choice of entree's and deserts). 

You might imagine that those early encounters with cousins, classmates, and colleagues would add up to some pretty incredible calories. 

And you would be right... if you put the food into your mouth.

But a commitment is a commitment. And I knew that my little corner of the world would be watching. I managed to enjoy some of the flavors and walk away from many others.  One night I felt like I over ate. The rest of the nights I felt content, satisfied, and a little proud of myself.

Thanks for keeping your eye out for me.  At yesterday's WOMMA event in Seattle no less than four people asked me how the road to a healthier life was going. I really appreciated those four questions. They kept me away from the giant cookies and potato chips that were offered during lunch. And they refueled my commitment for another week.

New weight as of September 22nd - 314.7
Weight lost to date - 10.3 lbs
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Week 3 - 09/22/11