Yr 2, Wk. 18 - 01/24/13

Give up

Giving up isn't an option!

Another week has gone by and despite attending my second Zumba class and reestablishing a routine on our in-home elliptical trainer I failed to lose a single pound again this week. I've mentioned before that after hitting a low point of 255 pounds on November 22nd. I lost focus for awhile and gained about 12 pounds in about 8 weeks. Fortunately I was gaining pounds but not inches. (My new pants still fit.) Since then I've mixed things up and still, despite several attempts, can't seem to move the numbers on the scale in the preferred direction. It doesn't seem to matter that I eat small meals and have salads for lunch, The pounds that came back aren't melting away nearly as easily the second time around.

Tomorrow I'll be traveling to Chicago for a day long WOMMA board of directors meeting on Tuesday. I know from experience that travel and meetings of this type aren't particularly beneficial to weight loss. The preplanned menus and the lack of exercise time is just part of the equation. But when I return something new is going to happen. The pantry is going to be restocked with healthy options, the refrigerator is going to be loaded with fruit and vegetables, and a few more of our meals are going to be planned with smaller and healthier portions in mind.,

Lose Weight Now
Cindy and I talked it through today and I'm excited that she's going to help me make this next step. I know that together we can set things up for success a little better than we have recently. I'll let you know in the next couple of weeks about how it works out. 

I won't give up!

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New weight as of January 24th - 267.8 lbs
Weight lost to date - 57.2  lbs
Weekly exercise: 150 minutes on elliptical trainer and 60 minutes of Zumba fitness.

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Yr 2, Wk. 18 - 01/24/13