It's Payday... And More!

Last summer my friend Brenda told me about a nutritional cleanse program that, she said, would not only help me release the weight I wanted to lose but would also enable me to feel like I was 20 years younger. I'd have more energy, less stress, and even the opportunity to create enough residual income to truly own my life. Does that sound to good too be true to you? Well it did to me! 

To say I was skeptical would be a huge understatement. And the idea of multi-level marketing was something I really didn't want to embrace. That was then, and now less than nine months later, I can say without any doubt that Brenda was right.
Rod 60 60
Not only have I released 60 pounds and 60 inches since starting the program in September, but I'm steadily building a residual income stream by helping friends and family members transform their lives as well. I've learned how easy it is to help people eat the best superfood on the planet for free. Anyone can do this. No prior experience is required. 

This Monday was a magical day for me. Monday's are our paydays and this was the first payday that I earned more than $2000 in just one week. And what did I do to earn it? I simply ate the most nutritious food on the planet and shared my story of what it's done for me with people who want the same type of results. 

The company that formulates my food is not only committed to "no compromise products," but they have the most generous compensation plan in the industry. They've included so many ways to get paid. 

My job is to help a few people feel the best they have ever felt in their life and then show them how to pay it forward by helping their friends and family do the same. It's a lot of caring people who each do a little. And it will pay us well into the future. 

I'm so grateful that Brenda had the courage and the patience to introduce me to an opportunity to improve my health and add an ongoing residual income stream that is both meaningful and gratifying. I'm fortunate that my skepticism didn't get in my way. 

Now I'm just beginning. As the CMO for a major regional insurance carrier, I already have a full time job. I'm not doing this full time. Instead, I invest a handful of hours each week and tell people what I'm up to whenever they ask or when the opportunity presents itself. It's exciting. I can't tell you when I last looked at the pay stub from my more traditional career. It happens every two weeks and it's all about trading time and talent for dollars. Now, as a representative for this nearly billion dollar company, I look forward to every Monday to see what I've built and what the rewards are going to be. 
Rod Chart
It would have been enough just to have released the weight, increased my energy, reduced my stress, and enjoy sleeping so much better each night. Add to all that the excitement that comes in the form of consistently increasing residual income and you'll understand why so many people are making the decision to join us. 

This week was my best payday so far, but there will come a time, very soon, when the size of this weeks check will be a fraction of what I'll be earning. I've met the people who have six and even seven figure annual incomes. I'm planning to be one of them and I'd like to encourage you to join the community of people committed to helping people thrive physically and financially. 

May 19, 2015