Week 5 - 10/06/11

Month 1

This was a week that felt more like real life than the previous four weeks of my journey to a healthy edge. By that I mean that it had more of the noticeable ups and downs that, when sewn together, become the fabric of a persons life.

When Down Is Up And Up Is Down!

My weight is down another 4.2 pounds for the week. That’s a good thing and one that lifts me up to face another week. (By the way, did you notice that when people are trying to lose weight we begin to measure our progress in tenths of a pound? Before you know it we’ll be trimming our toenails before we get on the scale!) Overall, I’ve lost more than 18 pounds – something that should make me feel great and get me “up” for another week! Right?

Then I remember. It’s not the first time I’ve made this journey. About 4 years ago I found myself at an all time high for my weight. I was uncomfortable, embarrassed and worried. I began a disciplined approach to a healthy diet and started a fitness program that progressed steadily over time. So what’s the issue? When I started that journey, one that ultimately helped me to lose about 85 pounds, I was lighter than I am today. Essentially, I’ve lost 18 pounds in five weeks and I’m not even below the weight level that concerned me in the first place four years ago. That’s an “up” that is definitely a “downer”!

Over the past seven days there have been challenges big and small. I found myself eating boxed lunches when I didn’t have a vote on what went into the box. They always seem to include potato chips and a giant chocolate chip cookie along with the beef, ham, or turkey sandwich that is the main course. I was the guest at a reception and movie screening and found lots of delicious hot appetizers, none of which should have been eaten in sufficient quantity to satisfy my hunger. And there will always be those challenging situations. What really matters is how I choose to deal with the challenge I’m facing at the moment.

In one instance I chose to select the turkey sandwich, eat the chips, and return my unopened chocolate chip cookie to the table where someone else could choose to enjoy it. Not bad – I’ll call that an “up”.

In the second situation, I totally blew it. I ate the delicious appetizers (crab stuffed mushrooms, meat balls, cheese, crackers) and drank the wine. Then I went back for seconds and thirds. Having “blown” the day, I rationalize eating a bag of candy that we were each given as we found our seats in the theater. In those few hours my week took a turn for a noteworthy “down”.

And the consequences? The scale said I gained nearly two pounds in 48 hours. My conscience reminded me that I need to do a lot better. And speaking of scales.. .


If you don’t like your weight, get a new scale!

No kidding. I’m not the only one making this journey at our house and the other person, (I won’t name names), was having some issues with our scale. It just didn’t seem to show the right numbers! When stepped on, the old scale would display the letters ERR. I have a hunch that just meant error, but it was interpreted as “Hey you heavyweight… Get off my back!”

So the quest for a scale that wasn’t so offensive was on. A new scale was purchased but it would seldom create the same reading two times in a row. It was returned. And this is the best part, my loving wife asked the sales person at Bed, Bath, and Beyond to come over to the scale display and step on each scale two times each. She was looking for one that would get the same weight twice. He accommodated and now we have a fancy new scale.

By the way, the old white one, consistently says I weigh two pounds lighter. But I love my wife, and we’re using the new one!

New weight as of October 6th - 306.4
Weight lost to date - 18.6 lbs
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Week 5 -10/06/11