Week 29 - 03/22/12

One decision at a time.

During twenty-nine weeks of releasing weight, slimming down, shaping up, and revising my diet, I've heard lots of compliments and words of encouragement. From people I see less often there is frequently a look of astonishment in their eyes. Some look worried - thinking that I must have a terrible disease that has caused me to shed the pounds.

From those that I work with and see on a more regular basis there is frequently a knowing look of appreciation for the effort, accompanied by some surprise and support. It’s the “village” of friends and family that keep me moving forward. I definitely wouldn’t be having the success that I am without so much help along the way. One decision at a time.

Live it

Now let’s go back the first sentence of this weeks entry. See the word “diet” in there. Well I don’t like it! 

Three-fourths of the word diet is DIE. Holy crap! Why would a person go on a diet if the majority of diet is die? And for that matter, why would we want to lose weight? You know what we do when we lose something don’t you? We begin to look for what we “lost” so we can have it again. I sure don’t want that.

So here are my alternatives and the approach that I am taking.

First, I’m on a “livet” that is comprised of a series of choices. See how I’ve replaced the word “die” with “live” – That just makes so much more sense to me.

Second, I am “releasing” weight not losing it? That makes good sense too. We don’t go looking for things that we’ve set free or released. The fat and excess pounds I’ve been carrying around are definitely being released.

And that’s all I have to say about that… for now.

New weight as of March 22nd - 266.8 lbs
Weight lost to date -  58.2 lbs
Weekly exercise: I suck at this "move more" part. Better make that my focus for next week.

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Week 29 - 03/22/12