Yr 2, Wk 16 - 01/10/13

Re-FocusThe last time I wrote here I thought of it as "fess up week" - a post about losing focus and feeling disappointed with recent behaviors and results. This post is about "recommitment week." 

During the past week I've been able to reconnect with those important reasons why I want to live a healthier life. I've received messages, pictures, and had moments connected by technology with them. They are my grandchildren - five of them - Easton, Addie, Liya, Sawyer, and Evan. (Evie, short for Evalyn, will be number six in March) . Every time I see or hear from one of them I'm reminded of how fortunate I am and how much I want to be part of each of their lives. They make it easier for me to recommit to the plan I'd laid out for myself - to get back on the healthy path.

Ironically, on at least three or four occasions during the week, I encountered people who made positive comments about the weight I've lost and the way I look. Some were people I work with and some were people I hadn't seen in recent months. They made me feel proud of the progress I've made, and even though I had several weeks that took me in the wrong direction, gave me encouragement to push forward.

Last week I restarted my exercise and paid more attention to the types of food and portion sizes I was eating. I increased the water I was drinking and I avoided most of the sweets that I had access to. It paid off with a more productive weigh in on Thursday.

The most important lesson that I was reminded of last week was that there are detours on the journey that I'm taking. Sometimes the road gets rerouted and it's up to me, with the help of my grandchildren, to find my way back.

I made another new commitment last week. One that starts tomorrow. I'm a little surprised at myself and look forward to filling you in next week.
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New weight as of January 10th - 264.2
Weight lost to date - 60.8 lbs
Weekly exercise: 105 minutes of eliptical trainer 

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Yr 2, Wk 16 - 01/10/13