Week 45 - 07/12/12

Blueberry fam outsiceCindy and I have just completed two out of three consecutive weeks of vacationing with friends and family who have visited our summer retreat on Lake Chelan. And we love every minute of it. Whether it's the boating, swimming, sunbathing, or just hanging out and visiting together, we always have a great time.

And it's also a challenge to anyone who is focused on keeping off the bounds that have been released over the winter. During week one, we celebrated America's Independence Day with what seemed to be a week long barbecue-a-thon... everything from traditional hamburgers and hot dogs to salmon, chicken and pork.

During both weeks there was more than enough alcohol to go around too. Bloody Marry's in the morning, beer in the afternoon, and uncorking the wine when evening rolled around.

But it was week two that cost me the most. That was when we made our first TWO VISITS of the season to the best restaurant for breakfast that I've ever been to - Blueberry Hills Farm. It's simply impossible to walk through the doors of Blueberry Hills without gaining a pound or two just by breathing in the air. It's loaded with the richly sweet fragrances of home baked pies and the overflowing plates of eggs, sausage, ham, biscuits and gravy, and my favorite, Pepe's Scramble. The best way to stay true to a healthy edge would be to stay the heck away. But I would never suggest that to a friend. You have to enjoy one of these great meals.
Blueberry Hills Bench

I walked over 400 minutes during week one and about half of that in week two.  I've been fortunate to have only gained a pound or two.

We'll be going back to the lake for week three tomorrow with a new set of guests. Hopefully I will do better with the food and beverage temptations this time. But you know we'll be back at Blueberry Hills at least once or twice more as well. Better warm up my waling shoes!
New weight as of July 12th - 262.6 lbs
Weight lost to date - 62.4 lbs
Weekly exercise: 200 minutes of brisk walking 

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Week 45 - 07/12/12