Yr 2, Wk. 27 - 03/28/13

Rod walk 13

Blue skies sure beats Zumba

I love the days when the Northwest sky is filled with sunshine. On those days it's just like the theme song from "Here Come The Brides" said - "The bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle!" That's how it was last week and that was enough of a change to get me out and walking again. The winter and early spring had taken a toll on my routine and I was more than ready to get myself walking the neighborhood streets and trails again.

I'm down a pound or two for the week - which isn't enough to be close to my low point of last fall - and the only difference is the walking. I'm pretty sure that walking every day (or almost every day) is a lot more productive that a single hour of ridiculous looking and very sweaty Zumba class once a week. 

I hope the blue skies hang around for awhile. The longer they stay the more pounds I tend to shed. 
New weight as of February 7th - 270.4 lbs
Weight lost to date - 54.2  lbs
Weekly exercise: 275 minutes of brisk walking (loved it too!)

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Yr 2, Wk. 27 - 03/28/13