Week 16 - 12/22/11

What a nice difference a week can make.

fruit basketAll month long I’ve been walking by boxes of candy, turning my head away from trays of baked goods, and doing my best to LOVE every piece of “fruit alternative healthy treats” that I ingest. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not gone so far overboard that I feel deprived. I still enjoy an occasional sugar fix. I’m just working a little harder to keep the sweet tooth in check and the weight release moving in the right direction.

A week ago, when I got onto the scale, I was disappointed that all my effort didn’t do much good. You may remember that I actually gained a little weight for the first time in nearly four months. So this week I wasn’t sure what to expect – and WOW – I lost four pounds in seven days. I’m not sure how that works, and I don’t think it’s the best pace for me to lose weight at, but I’ll take it. I’m within striking distance of forty pounds now and I have the motivation I need to carry me through the next week of family gatherings and travel.

It was my day to bring the treats to our office break room. Guess what everyone is eating today!

 Ho Ho Ho!

New weight as of December 22nd - 285.6
Weight lost to date - 39.4 lbs
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Week 16 - 12/22/11