Week 19 - 01/12/12

How shopping for a belt can be a source of motivation!

You may recall that a little less than five months ago I discovered how hard it was to buy a belt that was needed for a man with a 48-50 inch waste. To add to the difficulty and discomfort, I had to deal with the rolling eyes and condescending looks of the trim and sharply dressed twenty-smething-year-old sales people that I asked for help. 

To me, it sounded as if they were wearing an amped up microphone and announcing over the department store audio system, "Hey (Nordstrom, Macy's, Penney's, Target, and Kohl's) shoppers. If you need help it's going to be awhile. I"m working with the fat guy in the men's department looking for that needle in a haystack that he hopes will hold his pants up. We're never going to find it. He looks like a size 60 to me"

It wasn't fun and I wasn't successful. I just made an old belt work and didn't worry about whether or not it was the right color.

So imagine my surprise and delight when on Tuesday morning this week I pulled a pair of pants from my closet only to discover that the very same pants that I wore last week were sliding loosely down my hips. Wow, I thought. I wonder if one of my smaller belts will work now. Sure enough, I found a 44-inch belt that hadn't been worn for years that not only fit, but I could skip a notch or two. 

Why stop there? I looked in the mirror and saw that the pants simply looked too big. I dug into the corner of my closet and found a pair of size 42 slacks. Since there weren't any 44's I decided to give them a try. And they worked... zipped and buttoned with ease. Take that you condescending sales people. When I'm ready to buy my new wardrobe I'm going to find a salesperson who looks like they might have a little more empathy than you did.

This is week nineteen and I'm down six to eight inches in my waist. Gotta love that!
New weight as of January 12th - 283.0
Weight lost to date - 42.0 lbs

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Week 19 - 01/12/12