Week 10 - 11/10/11

DayQuil medium

Tis the season for winter colds!

When the week began I was feeling great. Lot's going on but nothing was really slowing me down. On Saturday, I hunkered down in our warm and cozy house, and worked through the day on a long list of personal and professional projects. I could see the crisp fall day outside and was enjoying an occasional glimpse of a televised football game. All was going well.

Sunday began the same way.  And then, from out of nowhere on late Sunday afternoon, I felt my sinuses starting to fill, my nose was beginning to run, and the sneezing began in earnest. The first major cold of the season had arrived.

Not already! What had I done? How could I have caught a cold from inside my house? But, of course, colds don't care about fairness. Nor do colds care about the coming week of projects, travel, presentations, or conferences. It was time to fight.

I headed to the local drug store and loaded my basket with all the over-the-counter remedies that I remembered from last years battle - along with a few new ones. Last years hero was DayQuil, so I loaded up on that!

By Tuesday, the cold had worn me down. I stayed home from work and built up energy for the next round. But nothing has worked. The DayQuil is nearly gone and the cold is still here. Looks like it could be a long, sniffly, sneezy, fall and winter.

But there is good news too! Despite the cold; despite the celebration dinner at one of the regions premier steak houses (Daniel's), and despite being home alone with a well stocked refrigerator... I still LOST FIVE POUNDS this week. Take that Mr. Cold.  

And by the way... I'll be bringing out the netti-pot next!

Saying goodbye to the 300 pound section of our scale too!
New weight as of November 10th - 295.6
Weight lost to date - 29.4 lbs
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Week 10 - 11/10/11